Welcome to our brand new website which has been designed to create a fast and effective way to become more involved in the universities own student based radio station. Over the last couple of months a group of hard-working volunteers have been working tirelessly on bringing you a modern and easy to use website. The previous website design was created in 2002 and was a cluttered mess of information making it almost impossible to find what you were looking for. Now in 2015 we hope that we have created a simplified space for you to interact with.
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Those of you who used the old version of this website will be happy to see a convienient audio player in the top right of this page. Simply click play and the music keeps playing no matter what page you’re in!
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Do you want to host or produce your own radio show? We’re always looking for new people with an interest in the running of the station. Why not send us an email or come visit our office?
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About the station
The story from the beginning
The Station
UWS Radio broadcasts on 87.7FM, DAB and online. It is in fact one of the only student stations in the country to have a DAB licence. The station is based at the Ayr campus of the University of the West of Scotland. During the university’s previous incarnation, the station was known as UCA Radio from its creation in 2001 until late 2011 when the brand new University of the West of Scotland campus was built. As a result the studio recieved state of the art equiptment and a number of fully functional studio rooms which replaced the studio in the old campus building. Recently, the station received it’s very own office, which is located in Room 2.097, opposite the radio studios and just up the corridor from the CCI Store. Here you’ll be able to find some of the student volunteers tasked with managing day-to-day operations on the station.
As a student at the University of the West of Scotland, you are more than welcome to pitch your own idea for a radio show. No matter how crazy it may be, we’re always looking for fresh ideas to fill up our timetable! Just visit our office in the university and one of the student managers of the station will happily listen to your idea.
Do you have a skill that you think may be useful to the running of the station? We’re always looking for new ideas to make the station better. Just come to the radio office and one of the student staff members will be more than happy to take your ideas on board!
UWS Radio OfficeRoom 2.097 University of the West of Scotland Ayr
Starting your own show
About the students
The student management team are here to help you. They will help you get to grips with the radio studios. Worried? Don’t be. The sound desk is very easy to learn and there’s always a member of student management ready to help you.
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Running their own student show
Are you more of an idea person?
About our community
Anyone can join the team
Have you always wanted to have your own radio show that you can be proud of? At UWS Radio we welcome everyone, not just students! The UWS Radio student management team will be more than happy to help you produce a high quality radio show regardless of your previous experience. They’re always be closeby if you need advice or help and will let you get back on your feet in no time. All we need from you is a pitch for a radio show which you can bring into the radio office and one of the student management team will help develop your idea!
If you are studying at the university or live nearby, why not pop into the radio office? Here you will be able to speak with one of the members of the student management team about your ideas for the station. You will be able to find the radio office across from the studios in room 2.097 on the ground floor.
Drop us an email at: uwsradio@gmail.com Please include the following information:Your full name, whether you are a student or a member of the community and finally a description of what you would like to do at the station.
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Join the team
If you feel that you will be able to contribute to UWS Radio in any way then why not join our team of students and community presenters? Do you want to start your own radio show, have a knack for design or just want to help out then we need you! Running this station requires a lot of volunteers and of course, most importantly, the presenters.
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